artist statement

Mary Scarlett LaBerge creates distinctive paintings through a semi-impressionistic technique – maintaining high detail while creating an expressive and dreamlike effect. Through this approach, she seeks to capture both the raw beauty of nature and that elusive element of the unexpected.

LaBerge draws much inspiration from classic works of literature – particularly fairy tales. One concept that appears in all of her work is that of “strange familiarity” – that nature is beautiful and comfortable, and yet odd, unexpected, and sometimes alarming. LaBerge enjoys creating improbable compositions of everyday creatures and objects to highlight this concept of strange familiarity.

With a background in graphic design as well as fine art, LaBerge is influenced by a wide range interests and multidisciplinary creatives. She finds much fascination in the history of art and literature as a whole – specifically, how they feed and change culture.

LaBerge firmly believes in the power of art to bring hope and a renewed interest in life to a hurting world, and pours that belief into everything she makes.

She lives in Franklin, TN with her husband, Ben, and works full time as an artist and designer.